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What Gets Shared on Facebook? A Short Infographic

What Get's Shared on FacebookA study executed by Social Bakers shows that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are photos. Their data shows that only 2% of the most engaging content on Facebook is generated by links, another 2% by videos, and 3% by status updates. Images are more engaging than ever, so get your fans engaged with strong visual content including quotes (dont forget to insert your brand), pictures from events, and of course infographics. Get visually enticing or be ignored!

Facebook Turns 10 Years Old!

With Facebook due to turn 10 years old on the 4th February, we thought we would share an info-graphic to look back at the key milestones that the company has had throughout its meteoric rise to becoming the world’s leading social network.

Facebook Turns 10!

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Don’t forget to check out Facebook’s latest addition: Paper (only on iOS devices as of the time of this posting).

Social Media & SEO Training for Small Businesses

seo & social media trainingLearn how to apply search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing tactics to your small business from the Internet Training Expert Peter Marino.

Eventbrite - SEO & Social Media for Small Business

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Are you unsure about how to advertise effectively online?
Do you need guidance with social media management and marketing?
Are you stumped about how to get ranked locally on Google?
Well this ongoing course will give you insights, know-how and guidance for all of the above and more!

Peter Marino will personally teach you how to:

  • research keywords for SEO
  • be seen locally on Google maps
  • mix both ads and SEO for best results
  • manage many social media accounts at once
  • how to follow your cash keywords on Twitter
  • automate blog post publishing
  • how and why you need to invest in content
  • figure out the best PPC campaign for your business
  • advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • why you should have a responsive website design
  • much more!

Each course is only 90 minutes so you’re not overwhelmed with information all at once and given on a weekend to be sure you have time to make it.

First course will be about local SEO and how to implement it and a brief overview of social media tools.

To learn more about private SEO workshops catered to your business go here.

Eventbrite - SEO & Social Media for Small Business

5 New Year’s Resolutions For The Small Business

Another year has come to a close and it is at this time that we usually take a moment to make a few goals for the coming twelve months. And whilst most of us will do this privately in order to set a few personal targets for 2014, the business owners amongst us may wish to make a few for their companies too.

The business world never stands still and that is why it is important to always try to push things forward by setting relevant goals for the year ahead. Here are a few that any small business owner may look to make.

Finally Get To Grips With Social Media 

Social media is no longer a new phenomenon, yet so many people who are in the position to use it to their advantage are still to unlock its full potential. It may be because they don’t think of themselves as technically minded people or it may be that they don’t see what all the fuss is about, but either way it’s time to take the plunge.

Social media, when used right, can help in all different areas of business and is nowhere near as daunting to use as you may think. There are plenty of resources online to help you out and you really won’t know what you are missing until you give it a try.

Start Networking 

Networking in your local area is a great way to build relationships with other business owners and also spread the word about your company. The power that is has to bring relevant and important sales leads right to your front door is fantastic and it can be very fulfilling, too. By giving up a couple of hours every week you can put yourself in a relevant environment which could really help push your business forward. Networking is definitely something that should be tried before you discount it.

Getting Your Payroll In Order 

There’s no hiding the fact that payroll is one of the least enjoyable areas of any business and one of the more complex things that you have to do from time to time. However, if you have been struggling with getting things done on time and keeping up with new legislation, then perhaps you should make 2014 the year you decide to outsource this area to a professional payroll provide, such as this. Not only will this take a huge weight off your mind, your employees will also benefit from always getting paid in full and on time.

Becoming A Better Boss 

Business resolutions are not just about making the company more successful. They can also be about focussing on how good a boss you are and attempting to get more out of your staff. It’s no secret that people will be willing to work harder for someone that really values them and so this could be the perfect place to start. Work on your management style and try to find the correct balance between professionalism and personality. This could involve becoming a better delegator, giving your employees more one to one interaction or just simply praising them more.

Take Some Time For You 

The chances are that 2013 was a rather busy year and so why not make it a goal to spend more time away from the office in 2014. We all need time to ourselves sometimes and when you are the owner of a business this can seldom present itself. Remember that just because you spend more time on something, it doesn’t mean it will be better and sometimes there’s a need to step back in order to see the bigger picture.

By Chris Mayhew

Chris MayhewChris Mayhew has always been interested in the comings and goings of the business world and has been looking at resolutions business owners could make this year. He would recommend Trace Payroll to anyone looking to get to grips with their payroll in 2014.

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