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Playing the Twitter Game and How a Business can Prosper

Playing the Twitter Game and how a Business can ProsperThere are two main social media platforms these days – Facebook and Twitter. The latter is much less known and has less than half the number of users than the former. But that doesn’t make Twitter any less important than Facebook. It allows businesses a unique position to become authorities in their given field. It allows for users to share ideas in short, impactful updates and others to follow exactly what is going on with small little bites along the way. Finally it allows for trending topics to be followed and discussed between millions of other Tweeters. But a big question – how does it work and how can I make it work? Can I create a trend out of thin air? Here is how Twitter works and some of its core elements.

What does it mean to be trending?

If you ever wanted to learn about what the younger generation is doing or cares about these days, finding what is trending on Twitter is vastly important to this end. Twitter’s metadata tags are called hashtags, and look something like these: #SuperBowl #Grammys or #Science. When users display hashtags within their tweets (generally to end a tweet), that tweet is grouped with other tweets whose users have used the same hashtag. A user can then discover what others are saying about the #SuperBowl and then engage in additional dialogue with those users, perhaps discussing a blown call, nice catch, or off-the-field story with a player and his celebrity girlfriend.

So that’s a quick overview, now how can a business use Twitter?

Now if that’s the type of thing people use Twitter for in regards to personal use, how to businesses use Twitter to their advantage? Well for one, businesses can jump in and engage with users like in the example above. Businesses can ask users questions about their favorite flavor of soda and engage in public conversation surrounding a trending topic. If a user Tweets at your business and asks a question (about your service, product, or other business-related topics), you can answer them through the business’s Twitter account. One of Twitter’s benefits is that you can manage relationships with current and potential customers quickly and easily. It’s best not to get into flame wars with other users or start back and forth battles of he-said-she-said. Some other things to remember:

  • Part of the business’s reputation is tied to its Twitter account
  • Trending can be good or bad for public relations (depending on why your business is trending)
  • Potential customers as well as other businesses see your tweets
  • Always Tweet in grammatically-correct and proper English

How often should the business tweet?

There is a point in which you might ask yourself, how often should we use the business’s Twitter account? Well, fairly regularly. Businesses are expected to have social media pages these days. Regularly updating and engaging with other users is a must. When a user asks a question, answer the question within 24 hours at least. Here are some great ways to tweet as a business:

  • Retweet and share business-related news bits
  • Introduce new product lines or services
  • Connect with other businesses on Twitter
  • Announce deals and coupons
  • Share fresh blog content

Being overly promotional is something to stay away from. Nothing turns a user off more than following someone new and finding out all they do is spam links to their site and spout off about how great their business is. Temper that. If your business gets a column written about it by Forbes Magazine, then obviously you’re going to want to show off to others.

Twitter is like learning how to read a new language. At first it seems completely over your head and as if you don’t have what it takes, but with a little patience and being open-minded to learning how it works, you’ll find success. While businesses are pressured to be on social media these days, these digital platforms offer businesses unique ways to wrangle up new customers and engage with other users and businesses. Twitter can help grow your business and enter the new era of digital marketing. Twitter is no longer trending, it is a necessary aspect of any business.


Local SEO Step-By-Step Guide

An Easy to Follow Local SEO Guide for Small Businesses
local SEO guide

I’ve been offering many SEO training events all over Westchester NY, NYC and CT and there is a takeaway I give attendees at the end of each and every seminar that people have been raving about.  It’s a short 10 page guide I made up on how to implement Local SEO for Small Businesses.  I am now giving away this local SEO step-by-step guide for free. All I ask is that you share and like the information through your social networks in return. Just like, plus or tweet below and the download link will be revealed for the full 10 page pdf guide! Enjoy!

SEO Marketing: Savvy Bits And Tips Why It Boosts Your Business


SEO marketingMore than two billion people worldwide use the internet on a regular basis. In fact, this number is set to increase exponentially in a few years to come. This means that businesses can maximize their sales and increase their profits by tapping into the market potential that the internet has to offer. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to do this because they do not invest as much as they should in SEO marketing. Yes, SEO marketing can help your business in ways you never thought possible. Here is how SEO marketing can be of benefit to you.

SEO Marketing Allows You to Benefit from Professional Tools of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a professional undertaking and as such, various tools and techniques exist that make it effective. Only professional SEO companies have updated versions of these tools. In addition, these companies also understand the techniques necessary to improve your search engine ranking. You will be at a great disadvantage if you decide to do your own SEO marketing because you will not have these tools at your disposal. Moreover, you may not understand how to use the various techniques that are necessary when it comes to marketing your website or blog over the internet.

SEO Marketing Increases Web Traffic To Your Website

It is important for you to note that there are over two hundred and fifty million registered domains in the world. Why would potential web visitors visit your website/blog and not visit others websites or blogs. You should take some time to think over this question because it will show you the importance of SEO marketing. To put it differently, SEO marketing will make your website more appealing to potential web visitors. This means that they would rather visit your website than go to other websites that have similar products, services or information.

SEO Marketing Improves the Popularity of Your Brand

Selling a product over the internet is all about credibility. No one is willing to buy a product from a company that he or she has never heard of before. The same goes with the information you display on your website. No one will believe the information you display if he or she cannot find the same website on other search engines or at the top of a search engine results page. This is why the popularity of your brand matters. SEO marketing will make your brand visible on all search engines. Moreover, it will ensure that your website appears at the top of search engine results. This kind of internet marketing will also help you to increase your market share in your niche market.

SEO Marketing Offers You a Better Return on Your Investment

Spending money on any given item in your business should lead to a sizeable return on investment. This includes hiring your employees, hiring equipment and purchasing software. The same applies to your investment in SEO marketing. Trying to save costs by hiring your own staff will only lead to reduced efficiency and burgeoning costs. This is because your staff members lack professional training on SEO management and internet marketing. This means that they will only take up resources without delivering adequate results. In contrast, a professional SEO company will only deliver results because you pay them for results in addition to the fact that they are capable of delivering those results.

As you can now tell, SEO marketing is extremely beneficial to your business. It can help your business to achieve great heights and open up new doors. Hire a professional and competent SEO company today. Contact us for details and assistance on SEO marketing. We are here to help you.

Phil Smith is an avid blogger on websites, servers, and data storage. He also shares his best insights about getting the bestSEO services from Turning Point company .

Social Media & SEO Training for Small Businesses

seo & social media trainingLearn how to apply search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing tactics to your small business from the Internet Training Expert Peter Marino.

Eventbrite - SEO & Social Media for Small Business

Event Details

Are you unsure about how to advertise effectively online?
Do you need guidance with social media management and marketing?
Are you stumped about how to get ranked locally on Google?
Well this ongoing course will give you insights, know-how and guidance for all of the above and more!

Peter Marino will personally teach you how to:

  • research keywords for SEO
  • be seen locally on Google maps
  • mix both ads and SEO for best results
  • manage many social media accounts at once
  • how to follow your cash keywords on Twitter
  • automate blog post publishing
  • how and why you need to invest in content
  • figure out the best PPC campaign for your business
  • advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • why you should have a responsive website design
  • much more!

Each course is only 90 minutes so you’re not overwhelmed with information all at once and given on a weekend to be sure you have time to make it.

First course will be about local SEO and how to implement it and a brief overview of social media tools.

To learn more about private SEO workshops catered to your business go here.

Eventbrite - SEO & Social Media for Small Business

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