Social Media & SEO Training for Small Businesses

seo & social media trainingLearn how to apply search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing tactics to your small business from the Internet Training Expert Peter Marino.

Eventbrite - SEO & Social Media for Small Business

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Are you unsure about how to advertise effectively online?
Do you need guidance with social media management and marketing?
Are you stumped about how to get ranked locally on Google?
Well this ongoing course will give you insights, know-how and guidance for all of the above and more!

Peter Marino will personally teach you how to:

  • research keywords for SEO
  • be seen locally on Google maps
  • mix both ads and SEO for best results
  • manage many social media accounts at once
  • how to follow your cash keywords on Twitter
  • automate blog post publishing
  • how and why you need to invest in content
  • figure out the best PPC campaign for your business
  • advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • why you should have a responsive website design
  • much more!

Each course is only 90 minutes so you’re not overwhelmed with information all at once and given on a weekend to be sure you have time to make it.

First course will be about local SEO and how to implement it and a brief overview of social media tools.

To learn more about private SEO workshops catered to your business go here.

Eventbrite - SEO & Social Media for Small Business

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