What is Good Content to Google?

digital contentUsing content as the foundation of your SEO strategy is not a new concept, but the definition of “good” quality content is ever-changing. Although the Panda update punished sites with thin content, there still are sites which use such content to rank higher. It might help temporarily, but will definitely affect in the long run.

Good content:

  • Drives traffic through searches related to your industry
  • Builds authority in the eyes of users and search engines
  • Increases engagement with your brand on social media

So what can be termed as good content?

Content in 2014 will not be just limited to the pieces of text you will add to the website or blog. You will need to think outside of this and make sure to develop a range of different media like videos, presentations, whitepapers, infographics, how-to’s etc. These become your assets and can be one of your best sources of links. Basically, you have to provide content which is useful to the end user.  Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, though not in full effect is going to become more and more of a player as search becomes more mobile and voice oriented. Therefore, be sure to include questions and answers as well as location data, when relevant, in your content. This will provide more value for your end users and the search engines alike.

content marketingNot to forget your site pages, you should be constantly improving your static assets (especially landing pages) to improve conversions and provide the best user experience. Engagement and conversion metrics are not just important to your bottom line, they’re important to Google providing the best results. In a nutshell give the people what they are looking for and Google will reward you with good rankings.

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