Top Free Apps this 2014 for Book Lovers!

The versatility of the iPhone is one of the reasons why it still remains at the top spot when it comes to smart phones. Today, there are thousands of available apps online, giving users the chance to download programs that can help their day-to-day needs. Even better – these apps grow in number practically on a daily basis. Here are some of the latest apps for the year 2014 that you might find useful!


Kindle is one of the biggest names when it comes to eBooks and it just so happens that there’s an app for that! With this program, you have the chance to download hundreds of books for free and start reading them through your phone. Considering the fact that the iPhone 5 now has a bigger display only makes it more ideal for reading.


If you’re not much into Amazon’s Kindle, there’s always the Nook from Barnes and Noble. Both actually offer different features but basically make it possible for you to start reading books without the benefit of an e-reader. Like Kindle, you gain access to hundreds of books and magazines that can be both free or for sale – depending on your reading preferences.


For those who are hardcore Apple fans, the smartphone company also offers an app for habitual e-book readers. The iBook offers access to hundreds of different reading materials and makes it easier for you to read from the screen. It’s like a digital library that gives you the chance to search and save. One of the advantages of iBook is that it’s compatible with the iPad. So basically, you can search for the books you want, transfer them to your iPad and start reading. This way, you get an even bigger screen. Most of the published works are also available for free.


Already a popular online community for readers, the Wattpad app gives you access to thousands of possible eBooks, most of them for free. What’s great about this software however is that some novels are generated by the users. Hence, if you like amatuer books or have some of your own, try using this one.

Aside from different apps that could help personalize your phone, there are also different book-lover styled iPhone 5 cases    that could be useful in expressing your individuality. Whether you’re in the office or out partying with friends, you have the option of tweaking your smartphone internally and externally to make it more convenient for your needs.


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