Asus Transformer book takes 4 seconds to switch from android to windows

photo: laptopmag

The World increasingly wants more from less. Less in Asus’s dictionary does not necessarily mean less money but definitely means less baggage in terms of not having a load of devices, but just that one great device with almost super power like features. So these super powers are ,for instance, giving you the advantage of having a device which has both Android and Windows. And this advantage other companies can provide but the edge that Asus has and a huge edge, is that Asus gives gives you this switch between the two systems, in just four seconds. And this four second switch is just one of many things to boast off. Lets us hence look at the device which provides this, in detail and depth.

Dual Boot Transformer

The Asus device is dual-boot transformer Book Duel laptop-cum-tablet, which makes this switch in four seconds. A thing to definitely boast off as other hybrid computing cannot pull of this act smoothly, let alone in four seconds. This device is not only for those who want both systems but also for those who can’t take a decision between the two systems. This switch is as easy as it sounds- can be made through a key on the keyboard when important laptop mode and through a virtual key when in tablet mode.

The essentials

Moving onto the hard drive, it has Intel core i7 processor, a 4GB RAM and Intel HD graphics. The screen is pretty large at 13.3 inches and has a resolution of 1,920 * 1080 pixels. Memory won’t be an issue as there is  an impressive 128GB of solid state drive storage which can be increased over and above by the use of a SD card. And to add to this long list of delights, is a 1TB built in on the keyboard dock. And all this with the four second switch which is indeed a feat hard to achieve.


The second worthy device from Asus is Padfone-mini which has been revamped from being an Padfone to Padfone mini and released as a 4 inch,dual sim smartphone. Again a hybrid,it slots into a 7 inch tablet. Both the small and the large screens have appropriate resolutions of 800*400 and 1280*800 pixels. The back is equally impressive with a 8 megapixel camera. A strong 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom Processor runs it. It has memory of 8GB which can be expanded by the use of a SD card.

The third product(s) again worthy of being spoken and talked of are phones by Asus. Zen Fones 4, 5 and 6. The numbers are meaningful as the larger the number, the larger the screen, better resolution, sharper camera and so on and so forth. Thus Zen 6 will be the best of all and Asus’s best spells a 13 Megapixel Camera, an Intel Atom Z2580 processor at 2GHz with ZenUI which is Asus’s new interface.

And lastly,it has released Vino Tab Note 8 with Windows 8.1 also 8 inches. Memory is good at 32GB, again expandable by SD card. Also 2GB above this 32 GB solid state by Intel Bay Trail processor. And lastly the Note has a somewhat surprising feature of having a stylus.

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